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1. Facilities
Worldex provides customers with a dedicated warehouse, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and customized to meet different industry requirements:

  • customized racking systems
  • anti-static protection for sensitive electronic products
  • pack and store rooms for special items
  • customized and integrated IT solutions
  • bar-coding scanning system

2. Warehouse Operation Management
Worldex's logistics specialists formulate unique supply chain solutions for customers from different industries to best suit their business models and market environment:

  • vendor hub
  • pick and pack
  • light assembly
  • packaging
  • labeling
  • local and international distribution
  • quality inspection
  • order fulfillment
  • purchase order management
  • turnaround time management
  • material planning and inventory management

3. End-to-end Repair and Logistics Services

Partnership with E.C. Fix Technology Limited ( enabling component & product repair/refurbish services to cater different customer needs.

4. Returned Material Authorization - RMA
RMA allows the Company to control the return of parts previously sold and shipped to customers. Return Material Authorization documents include IDs, status information and other identification about who is returning the material and why. Tracking information through the use of RMA will help the customer to improve overall part quality.

5. Security
Worldex's facilities are linked through highly secured and advanced networking technology. We take every possible precaution to keep client' asset safe:

  • Climate-controlled in humanity and temperature
  • Reliable and efficient trucks
  • Concrete block and steel construction facilities which meet or surpass the local fire codes
  • Smoke and fire detection - high-density sprinkler systems throughout warehouse; fire alarm system within the building
  • Closed circuit 24-hour surveillance - 24/7/365 TV monitoring
  • Strictly limited access to authorized personnel only to ensure customer confidentialities